The danger of recontamination

A special source of danger of reinfecting soil with pathogens after steaming is deeper soil. Depending on the root depths of the planted culture, phytopathogenic organisms can reach and contaminate deeper layers of soil. It can happen that steamed higher layers of soil are reinfected by such deep lying pathogens.

Hence when soil is heavily contaminated it is recommended to take soil samples from different soil depths depending on the root depth of the planted crop and check on diseases in order to identify the necessary steaming depth.

Furthermore the injection of beneficial active micro organisms after steaming into the soil can significantly strengthen the resistance against intruding pathogens and immensely inhibit recontamination.

The danger of recontamination on the surface by carry over e.g. when using foreign substrates or planting contaminated plants can be limited through the injection of beneficial microorganisms.

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