Container- & Stack steaming

This is the most effective method to treat soil and substrate with hot steam. Using this latest technology and depending on the amount to be steamed, it is even superior to highly advanced Sandwich-Steaming. No considerable energy loss occurs by thermal conduction to neighboring soil areas or layers, due to the fast steam injection via drainage pipes or harrows. Furthermore the earthwork required for this steaming method guarantees a sufficient loosening of the soil which leads to ideal pore volume when steaming.

Container or Stack Steaming gets mostly applied when steaming compost, turf or substrates. After steaming all weed seeds, as well as soil born diseases are killed and the majority of substances harmful to plants neutralized.
For each operational size there are specific systems. Small growers often use steaming carts, bigger growers use mobile solutions e.g. tipping trailers. Big turf and substrate works apply stationary installations in which the substrate to be steamed is inserted, steamed and stored via a continuous process.