Small Steam Generator Units

Steam is a green alternative to decontaminate soil and substrates from fungi, bacteria, viruses, insects, soil born diseases and weeds which are harmful to plants. Small growers and hobby gardeners can benefit from steam in this way as well!

For this user group, special small easy-to-use steam generator units have been developed. They don’t reach as high degrees of efficiency as big steam boilers (which have 96% efficiency), but they are easy to handle and can be stored anywhere.

Normally small steam generators use electrical heater spirals to boil water with respect to the humidity level of the soil. If steam can take effect long enough to heat up soil up to 60 to 80°C , soil gets completely sanitized and free of weeds and weed seeds.

The following small steam generators are available on the market:

Small steam generator in
Pushcart-Format, galvanized,
70 Litres Capacity.
Steaming time: about 1,5 hours
Elec. Connection: 220V/2,0 KWAutomatic switch off with timer clock
For Small Growers
Stainless steel steam generator400 Litres Capacity
Simple transport and emptyingSteaming time at least 3,5 hours
El. Connection 380 V / 4,5KW / 9KWThermostat-controlled  
For Small Growers
 Soil Pasteurization Device500 Litres Capacity,
Steaming time: about 3,5 hours
El. Connection: 400 V/5,4 KWThermostat-controlled pipe heating system Also available with pedestal