The effect of heat in soil

Each type of soil is a mixture of different components, in particular organic and mineral substances, which serve as biotope for many different organisms. Heat achieves a comprehensive effect: it has an impact on soil life and chemical, biological and physical processes. In the following there is a short list of the most important processes which are triggered by hot steam:

A) Biological and chemical impact:
Degeneration of organic material, in particular of structures based on proteins. Killing of organic and inorganic substances as well as solving of bound agents.

B) Physical impact:
Changing of soil structure, capillarity and the absorbency of salts and water, flushing and dissolution of chemical agents.

Research has shown that physical changes of soil are not very dependent on its specific composition. Notable are only the decrease of capillary flow conditions of water and a slight increase of siltation inclination. Both can be traced back to colloid structure changes. The acid-base metabolism of soil is not affected by heat.

The mentioned biological, chemical and physical effects have a direct impact on soil life and the growth of its plants. Diseases are fought and soil fatigue removed. After steaming many economic plants find better starting conditions and develop healthily.

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