Mobile Steaming System is awarded the INDEGA Innovation Award 2010

Success in horticulture requires perfect control of quality, operating cost, crop and output.

In cooperation with Bärtschi‐FOBRO AG (Switzerland), MSD Corp. from Durbach (Germany) has mastered the task to develop and build a machine which allows a rational 24 hour operation without staff to steam large beets efficiently.

In particular wholesalers increase pressure on vegetable growers to sanitize soil without chemicals. The arugula incident in 2009 where poisonous ragwort was found in salat packs has further increased pressure.

Steaming Mobile - Full Automat in operation on field

Steaming Mobile – Full Automat in operation on field

1. Video Youtube: Open field operation of the steaming robot
2. Video Youtube: First test of the steaming robot in Februray 2010

Steaming is one of the few suitable methods that are able to meet all requirements. Furthermore a high level of automation could be reached with MSD-Fobro Steaming Robot A600‐12.
The first two fully automatic steaming robots could be handed over after several months of challenging development work.

On the occasion of the IPM 2010 in Essen the steaming robot was introduced to the public for the very first time. The machine was awarded with the Indega innovation award for technical advancement. The price was awarded since the innovation provides a solution for vegetable growers to efficiently control weed pressure and diseases in beets.

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