New steaming system by Mobildampf: The Steam – Mixer

Mid of September Mobildampf has introduced a new steaming system called Steam – Mixer. Mobildampf is one of the leading steam device rental companies in Germany which mainly offers sheet steaming.

The goal of the innovation was to provide a simple and continuous process for sheet steaming which can be used outdoors and in green houses for steaming depths at 10-25 cm.

At a field show of the Service Center for Rural Areas (DLR) Rheinlandpfalz (Rineland Palatinate) a fully functional prototype was presented which reaches about 10 cm of steaming depth. The device was simply attached to a narrow-track tractor which sterilized an area of about 200m²/h at a speed of 100m/h.

Continuous steaming with a Steam - Mixer
Continuous steaming with a Steam – Mixer

In the future the device will be extended to allow steaming depths to up to 25cm and that 3 tracks can be steamed simultaneously.

Please click on the following link to view a video that shows the use of the system:
Steaming-mixer by Mobildampf

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