Steaming becomes even more beneficial: No weeds also after 2nd crop!

Steaming becomes even less inexpensive. Besides the fact that steaming time can be reduced by 20% without losing the positive weed control effect of steam, recently a study revealed that yet another energy saving potential can be used.

Steam trials with arugula have shown that the 100% effect of hot steam against weeds at a steaming depth of about 8 – 10 cm persists even for the 2nd crop.
After the first and the 2nd crop no weeds were found in the arugula beets. Hence the harvest meets highest quality standards.

No weeds also after 2nd crop – Research result of DLR RLP
No weeds also after 2nd crop – Research result of DLR RLP

The beets only need to be steamed once for two harvests. Please pay attention to the following: When steaming, the soil needs to be steamed a little longer down to 10cm depth. As long as the soil of the beets isn’t moved, the 2nd crop grows without any weeds. One steaming process can be saved and cost comes down by another approx. 25%!

More results of steaming were presented in Cologne / Auweiler at a field day of the agricultural chamber of the German federal state NRW.
Furthermore the DLR RLP presents its latest research results on steaming during the field day on the 15th of September 2011 in Queckbrunnerhof, Schifferstad.

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