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Hot Steam Against Parsites in Bark Substrate

Dienstag, Februar 21st, 2012

Mediterranean countries are the suppliers of bark substrates which is much sought-after. This nutritious plant material which is the preferred choice for cultivation of beet, balcony and indoor plants often already gets infested with parasites at the tree and hence becomes useless.

Steam boiler S 2000 made by MSD AG with an output of 2000kg steam/h
Steam boiler S 2000 made by MSD Corp. with an output of 2000kg steam/h

Recently a well known supplier started to use the power of steam, in order to fully free bark from pest, with considerable suscess.

Operating steaming container on a tipping trailer with a volume of 25m³, connected to a vacuum system.
Operating steaming container on a tipping trailer with a volume of 25m³, connected to a vacuum system.

In special steaming containers 25m³ of bark granulate is steamed via a vacuum system for about half an hour und hence gets completely sterilized. For steam generation a steamboiler is used with an output of 2.000 kg steam /h. The steaming container gets filled and unloaded with a tipper within just a couple of minutes.

Steamed bark substrate
Steamed bark substrate

In the future the system shall be continuously filled with a special conveyor band, in order to work quicker and more efficiently.

More information on request. Please write an email to

Fully Automated Steaming Robot Is Fully Developed

Sonntag, April 10th, 2011

The steaming robot, which has been developed last year, has left prototype status. End of March MSD Corp., the developer of the steaming robot which received the Indega and Taspo RAM innovation awards , announced that the system has been fully developed and that the German government safety association has approved the machine.

Approval by the government safety organization required further safety measures. Besides optimization of the driver’s console an automatic barrier recognition system has been installed (e.g. for kids) which leads to an emergency stop once activated.

Hence the steaming robot, which is manufactured by the Swiss German company Fobro-Kress, is the first approved robot for outdoor areas in Germany, which permanently can be operated without human control.

Steaming robot - BG-approved in 2011
Steaming robot – BG-approved in 2011

Steaming on the „Green Week 2010“, Berlin

Mittwoch, November 18th, 2009

The horticulture consulting department of LB Berlin plans to introduce steaming systems for hobby gardeners on the Green Week in Berlin in January.

Owners of smaller garden plots shall have the chance to get more information on the advantages of steaming.

What works for big growers also works for small growers

It takes a little more efforts but steaming on a smaller scale is feasible. Before cultivation soil and “self-made” compost are freed from weeds, weed seeds and in particular pest and diseases without chemicals – 100% residue free!

Plants pay back with better growth and more nutrients!
This fact is scientifically proven. Hence Mr. Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Hentschel from  the renowned Humbold-University, Berlin, unreservedly recommends steaming, also for hobby users.


“Less toxins = more nature and active, healthy regeneration

This slogan is followed by more and more hobby gardeners that show responsibility towards society as responsible citizens. For small growers joy of gardening already starts when seeding plants.

Healthy seedlings only grow in healthy soil which is not always available in abundance in small garden plots. Also purchased soil or compost not always fulfill all high phytohygienic requirements for seedlings.

A small steam generator in the shape of a push cart which gets introduced at the upper mentioned event,  is a suitable solution. This inexpensive and easy to use device sterilizes about 70 to 80 liters of substrate within 2 hours and  just € 1,- energy cost.

This old but technically newly improved steaming method uses temperatures of just 60 to 80 degrees which are sufficient to successfully sterilize fresh compost and contaminated soil. Steaming not only improves the condition of soil or substrate but also unblocks nutrients and enhances the starting position and the resistance against pest and diseases of seedlings.

I think that this device has been long waited for by hobby gardeners. It supports their ecologically minded and responsible activities and should be available in every garden.“